Saturday, December 19, 2009

Do You Have A Healthy Life? The Secret to Mental Agility

How to live a healthy life? Do We have a healthy beautiful smile for life? What are the suitable healthy life style for us? How to eat healthy for life? what is the tip for the healthy life? Do we living healthy life? Do we have healthy habit life? How do we start healthy life? These are questions that we should ask ourselves everyday.

If you want/ wish to live a healthy life, exercise or sports are the most suitable action you should take. With healthy recreation and sports, you not only living healthy life but also have a healthy life way. How to live a healthy life? First, you must have a healthy life style. Secondly, you must eating healthy for life, taking healthy food, take healthy life meds, read healthy life magazine. These are ways of how to lead a healthy life.

You can find you tip for a healthy life. Keep on reading.
We all know to exercise our bodies to keep fit, but how often do you think about exercising your brain to own a healthy life? And what type of exercise does it need to keep a healthy life anyway? What are the facts? Keeping mentally active will keep your brain in good shape. Getting older does not mean that you have to be forgetful! Try to get older with a healthy life!

Common Illness, Diseases and 'Medical Conditions' In Malaysia


Many people confuse low blood pressure with anaemia. Although both these conditions can occur together, they are two very different entities. [Read more...]


Asthma is the relative blockage of airways from the nose to the lungs. The narrowing of air tubes restricts the air flowing into and out of the lungs. This causes breathing difficulty. An adequately treated asthmatic should not get more than one or two attacks in the whole year. [Read more...]

Blocked Ears

The sensation of ear blockage is similar to what happens when the ears get clogged up with water after a swim. [Coming Soon...]


This can be very frightening especially if it occurs suddenly, and it usually requires urgent medical attention. There are cases of breathlessness where the onset develops gradually over months or years. The causes of acute breathlessness and those of a gradual onset are discussed below. [Coming Soon...]


Heat above 60 degrees Celsius destroys protein or tissue. When a hot object comes in contact with the skin, the heat will cause a blister or even charring. [Coming Soon...]


This is the most common cause of blindness in the elderly and it usually affects both eyes. Within our eyeball, there is a clear transparent lens which helps us to focus on the objects we see. [Coming Soon...]

Chest pains

Many people with chest pains are worried that they may be suffering from a heart condition. Such a fear is probably justifiable, since a heart attack can occur suddenly and be life-threatening. However, other causes of chest pains also occur commonly, and are discussed in here. [Coming Soon...]

Chicken Pox

Most of us are familiar with this condition. It usually starts off with fever followed by an eruption of small blisters on the second or third day. As the blisters increase in size, they cause irritation to the nerve endings and the person experiences a severe generalized itch. In some cases, crop after crop of blisters will appear and cover the whole body. The whole illness usually lasts two weeks