Sunday, July 6, 2008

Aromatherapy Healing Concept

CVT utilize the aromatherapy concept as a nutrient for the brain/ mind. The aromatherapy - called 'Essential Nutrition' will give calmness to those who inhale it. The white rose is the most essential element in the aroma vibration oil. The white colour contains of seven-colour spectrum of the rainbow where each colour represents seven meridians in the human body. We use this concept and method in our very special product - Aromatherapy Vibration 'Seri Wajah'.

CVT also introduce the Genetic Code System (GCS) in determining major and minor disease in the human body. There are four genetic codes classification in the human body that are thin, very thin, stout and fat. Besides determining a major and minor disease in the human body, the natural body size can be known as well. In CVT treatment, there is a very high interrelation between the self-colour and the GCS. This combination terms will make the diagnosis process easier in determining the formula that has to be given to the patient.

CVT utilizes the applied kinesiology as a form of diagnosis. Applied kinesiology (AK) provides practitioners the most accurate diagnosis for their patients. CVT divides twenty points according to the number of glands and organs on the human body; from these points, the weakest point (represents the unbalance energy) can be determined. Then the certain formula will be given to the patient according to the number of that point.

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