Saturday, July 5, 2008

What is Colour Vibration Therapy?
Colour Vibration Therapy (CVT) is the first treatment in the world pioneered by Prof. Dr. Sir Norhisham Wahab to combine light, colour and sound vibrations to treat patients from almost any illness or diseases. More importantly, CVT is not only based on science and scientific research, but it also does not infringe upon any religious teachings. It allows patients to heal naturally with no side effects.

While conventional medicines focuses on destroying a disease, the CVT treatment utilizes formulas that helps trigger the body to process necessary enzymes and amino acids needed to aid troubled cells. The real cure of illness lies in our often intoxicated bodies. CVT activates these cures by creating a balance and harmony in the body's overall well-being.

It helps to find the point of balance in the cell or organ and return the original energy to it, which evidently provides the cure for any illness. At CVT, we provide treatment for cancer, diabetes, gout, stroke, hypertension, drug addiction, asthma and various other diseases and ailments.

How CVT Explain Diseases

CVT believe that the disease is a form of energy. The law of energy states that the energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; it can only be transformed from one form to another repeatedly. CVT treats not only a physical disease, but also a spiritual disease such as a black magic and wedges/ poisons. When the body falls sick, it means that the energy of the body is unbalance.

It is the task of practitioners to balance the energy in the patient’s body. CVT believes that the best antidote is the natural antidote produced by the body. Only the human body can produce the right antidote at the right amount, the right place and the right time. CVT natural wave formula (NW) merely promotes the body to do it’s own task. By this way, our body will be cured naturally without any side effects.

Therefore, the energy of a sick body can be transformed (or converted) into energy that is healthy. CVT decline the concept of surgery in treatment. No matter how serious the condition of the organs, they can still be treated to its normal condition depending on how to maximize the usage of CVT formulation.

The law of conservation of mass and energy states that every type of energy is also a form of mass. Therefore atom is also a form of energy and vice versa.. In treating the disease, CVT is actually applying the same energy to the disease. For instance, if there is cancer in the liver, and the colour frequency of the liver is yellow, by utilizing the same yellow frequency or energy of atoms, it will resonate the liver to resonance and hence restore it to health.

Disease may appear as solid, liquid or gaseous form. Cancer or tumor is an example in solid form, blood cancer (leukimia) is an example of liquid form and when carbon dioxide contaminate the blood system in our body, the disease is in gaseous form.

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