Tuesday, July 29, 2008

STAYING FIT AND FABULOUS: Fazlin loses and wins

A slimmer Fazlin who is the picture of health.
A slimmer Fazlin who is the picture of health.

SUZANNA PILLAY speaks to a woman who lost 20kg in six months!

Fazlin Jamil, 30, Administrator

IF you think losing weight on your own is impossible, Fazlin’s story will inspire you. By eating wiser and diligently working out at the gym on her own without a trainer, Fazlin shed approximately 20kg in six months.

Celebrity Fitness, her gym, was so proud of her achievement that they highlighted it on their signboard for three months.

Fazlin said she is motivated to stay fit because good health is giving her a better quality of life.

“I am more energetic and I no longer feel tired or lazy. Additionally, knowing that I am healthy mentally and physically keeps me going.”
At the gym every day from Monday to Sunday, her workout regime includes exercise classes like body combat, body pump, dancing and the like.

“I love working out at the gym and attending mostly cardio classes, but I also join a yoga class for flexibility and balance.”

Q: Do you have a special diet?
A: I don’t have a special diet but I do watch my calorie intake. I eat anything I feel like eating, but I make sure I burn it back.

Q: What are some of the obstacles that deter you from working out?
A: When I am feeling ill or under the weather, I take a break from my workouts to get plenty of rest to get better.

Q: How do you maintain your weight?
A: I watch my diet and exercise regularly to burn the extra calories I consume. I also monitor my weight every month for fluctuations in weight. If there is a weight gain, I will work extra hard to get rid of it.

Q: Have you always maintained a healthy lifestyle, or was it circumstances that led you to adopt it?
A: I wasn’t aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle until recently. Given that diabetes and high blood pressure are part of my family’s medical history, I realised the urgency of keeping fit.

Q: Do you keep fit for personal and health reasons, or is it because of society’s perception?
A: It is a combination of all three. Personally, aside from health reasons, I was tired of trying on clothes I liked but didn’t fit. As for social pressure, I felt intimidated by it because people like to make fun of the hefty.

Q: As you grow older, do you think it is more important to look after your health?
A: Of course, because studies have shown that exercise can help one live longer. So it’s important to start looking after your health now.

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