Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ensuring healthy development of the feet during childhood:
The flat feet of little children have to form the proper arches on growing up. This is greatly assisted by going barefoot, which helps to avoid flat feet an other deformities with all their life-long consequences: mainly damage of the back, the knees and the hips. It is well-known, that barefooting ethnic groups have very healthy feet.
Regeneration of feet damage due to unsuited footwear:
Unnatural ideals of beauty seduce many people to force their feet into narrow shoes, which causes various deformities. But part of this damage due to fashion can be reversed regardless of age (the webmaster's own experience!). Even at an advanced age going barefoot strengthens dozens of muscles, tendons and joints and restores the natural beauty of healthy feet:
• well-shaped and suntanned feet with smooth skin and straight toes, without corns, hammer toes, nodes, calluses at the wrong places,

• well-shaped legs due to a gentle and natural training of all muscles,

• the elegance of a natural motion without excess weight on the feet.

• Above all, blisters are unlikely to develop on bare feet, and you are spared inflammations of ingrown nails.

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